Whether an athlete, entertainer, writer, musician, or corporate executive, in today’s business and legal climate you are your own “brand”.  Your representation requires the skills necessary to create, protect and commercialize your brand both during and after your career.  The attorneys at Salzano, Jackson and Lampert for several decades have been working with celebrities and companies to implement cutting edge and innovative legal and business strategies to protect and maximize their clients’ personal and business interests.


Salzano, Jackson & Lampert, LLP represents clients in connection with the commercial exploitation and protection of their intellectual property rights (trademark, copyright, publicity rights) with a focus on music, film, television and sports. This includes negotiating a full range of agreements, including licensing agreements, talent agreements, distribution agreements and endorsement agreements. The office represents musicians, actors, authors and athletes, in addition to literary, film and music production companies. It provides counsel to clients on all aspects of the entertainment and media industry whether it is in connection with production, licensing, distribution and/or financing. With an innovative and forward-thinking approach, our representation has launched careers and helped clients achieve new levels of success.


The firm serves as corporate legal counsel for business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs for a variety of business matters, including corporate transactions, contract negotiation, financing, and mergers & acquisitions. We assist business persons at every stage of the business cycle, from venture start-up, intellectual property protection, operational and contract matters, through raising capital and company sale. Our attorneys possess a wide range of hands-on experience across industry sectors and help clients navigate the complexities of growing businesses in a globalized marketplace.


Individuals and entities must always be prepared to defend their business interests and individual rights. Our office is skilled in representing individuals and companies involving a broad range of business disputes, torts, civil ligation as well as criminal defense. While the goal is always to efficiently and effectively resolve disputes outside of the courtroom by utilizing alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediation and arbitration, our office is skilled in enforcing and defending clients in complex state and federal civil and criminal proceedings.